Reverend James The Voice (revvoice) wrote,
Reverend James The Voice

On Raining To Pouring To Drizzling...

Thursday, I was going out to the diner, and I notice my car has dusty smoke in it. I assume a truck drove by that I missed, so I open the other window and it just gets worse. Someone honks behind me and I realize my car is smoking. Oh. Great.

I thankfully pull into the diner with enough of the car running and as I turn it off I feel something beneath the car give way. Stepping and looking underneath I see my car leaking transmission fluid. (I didn't know it was tranfluid then.. figured it out later.) So, thanks to the kindness of new friends I got my car towed to my apartment.

So now I have a dead car.

It is now Sunday, that happened on Thursday. Since then, I've:
- Gotten a small loan to get a new car
- Found a place that will pay me $200 for the metal outta my car.
- Found a way to get to work until Thursday (And probably Thurs/Fri too)
- Have a few great leads on cars that I will find out about tomorrow.

Add in an adventure I had on Friday night where a cop told me my license was suspended - which I tend to believe is utter bullshit as he said it has been suspended since 2003?!?! This is clearly impossible as I have renewed my license, registered a car, gotten insurance, and I =KNOW= I've had my plates run since 2003. I've never been pulled over, but I KNOW I've had cops run my plates.

So I'll be getting a doublecheck verification on the license thing on Monday too... but I'm not as stressed about that.

Hopefully by Weds, I will be driving in a 2001 Chevy Malibu. Not the greatest car ever made, but its more wheels than I have right now.

I'm tellin ya.. it has been a month...
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