Reverend James The Voice (revvoice) wrote,
Reverend James The Voice

On Car Updates...

Thanks to a VERY good friend - it is verified that my license is NOT suspended. It seems once again that South Bound Brook's finest and briniest were either morons, or fucked with me with intent to get me to remain docile. It worked.

Watched Lost last night - still reeling as to whether I LOVED it or LIKED it. We can argue that later. Had some tense conversation with Debbie afterwards. Not pleasant at all.. but baby steps to friendship I guess.

So today I have already solved my suspension.. and am going to go see a couple cars tonight. Both could be cash in hand tonight, so we'll see. I really hope I can take tomorrow off - get this shit registered and insured, and be done. DONE.

I need to achieve normalcy.
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