Reverend James The Voice (revvoice) wrote,
Reverend James The Voice

On Me & My Sister...

And this is why I love Nikki:


Nikki: well you can take that cookie and stick it up your

me: ...bum

Nikki: :'(
I sadface for bum cookies.

me: heheh
poor lil guys, no place to live.. begging for chips on the streets

10:38 AM Nikki: *shakes head* They'll get so desperate, they'll dunk themselves in anything...

me: Those DUNKARDS!

10:39 AM Nikki: OH YEAH
Poor cookies. Out there raisin hell on the streets.

10:40 AM me: Look - when you are bran'ded a dunkard.. its hard to get that chip off your shoulder.

10:43 AM Nikki: If they could lay off the butterscotch, they wouldn't pea-nuts! Crumbling in the face of responsibility and walking around half-baked all the time.

10:47 AM me: Yeah - but how are they going to raise the dough to get ahead? Addiction means they knead what they get.. i once knew this cookie, sweet treat she was, begging for anything to keebler going on..

10:53 AM Nikki: And I'm sure you thought it was the yeast you could do, helping out someone who had come up short bread, but I doubt she kept her lady fingers to herself.

11:00 AM me: Well you know me and my penchant for Lil Debbies in distress.. and I truly didn't want to mallo'mar her opinions of me, but I am a bit of a devil's food - so is it wrong that we did it til she begged for sa'moa?

11:06 AM Nikki: Your sweet tooth has gotten you in trouble bef-Oreo. And every one of them has turned out to be a Nutterbutter! Yet, you stale go back and let them milk you again and again. You're clearly a gluten for punish-thin-mint.

11:15 AM me: I don't search em out - they find me no matter where I hyd'rox. We hang once and they just tagalong! I got a thing for the tastycakes, I know.. but i offer one of these Madelines a little.. i become their snickerdoodle.. and they end up driving me up a wall, nuts!

11:26 AM Nikki: Quit your rolling - pin down the fact of the batter! You like to stick your funny bone in these ho-hos! You get a twinkie in your eye when you see their rack and next thing you know, the l'oven begins. You've muffin to gain from it and it's such a deparchment from your usual nature, quite frankly I'm bowled over.

11:33 AM me: It is NOT my intention to whisk these girls away. They egg me on and then beat me into submission. And I gain TONS of deLite from every time we have a daisy-go-round. It does tend to lead to a new'ton of drama tho

11:40 AM Nikki: And I know that your tastes aren't strictly vanilla - you've been caught mixing with all types! You'll even hobnob with gingers(naps) - and let's not forget the time I caught you spooning at the toll house with that wafer of a girl! I think that's where it all pecan.

11:46 AM me: I GIVE! I GIVE! If this continues I'm going to fudge it up. You have double stuffed your lines with so many cookie entendres that the words are desserting me. If this continues you will begin do'si'do'ing around my corpse. You have fired and your famous aim(os) has found its mark. I give in, and I won't even excuse myself and choc'alot of this up to me being tired.

12:37 PM Nikki: It is your good fortune that I am in a jam for time and have to drop this conversation - it really is a recipe for distaster. It's left a bad taste in my mouth. The whole thing has been laced with assalting communchtary. Nest time, leave me oat of it!
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