Reverend James The Voice (revvoice) wrote,
Reverend James The Voice

On Normalcy Achieved...

Car - still missing speedometer, but I have a GPS now that tells me how fast I'm going. It's a temporary fix until I can get the speedo fixed. Not a huge deal. All other problems with the car are fixed thanks to Shannon. Holy bajeezus out of nowhere an old friend comes out and helps in ways I couldn't imagine. I owe her more than just the lunch, pack of smokes, and DVDs of music I got her.

Life - Shit has been HECTIC. With the exception of last night, I haven't gone to bed earlier than 2am. My sleep schedule is no end of fubar'd, and it is going to take most of this week to sort it back out.

Work - I just applied for a perm gig within my job. Waiting patiently.

Comics - I started the month busting out a page or two of the new IHL book, which has slowed to a crawl. That will be rectified IMMEDIATELY. Anime Next is next week and that is a huge ordeal of planning and being prepared.. at the latest, right after that I expect to be dedicating a good chunk of time to finishing IHL: Miskatonic. It's about halfway done at this point.

Otherstuffs - Maybe some people might remember how I tend to spread myself thin and try out too many things all at once. It is kind of like how my father used to try and lose weight at the same time he tried to quit smoking... tends to be a bad idea... yet LIIITTTLE opportunities keep appearing here and there that I -OF COURSE- am going to want to work on. Thankfully, none of them are calling attention to themselves, but all are rumbling under the surface of being interesting.

So, I've been a bit silent round here this past week. Just wanted to let you all know that I'm alive, kickin', and doing my best to enjoy the fuck out of things.

Rule 32: Enjoy the little things...
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