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On the beginning of a slasher flick...


For those who don't keep up with my glorious life or Facebook, here's the skinny. Debbie and I are engaged.

Oh, isn't it funny how my last post said that we were taking things slow. Yeah.. I knew we were engaged when I posted that too. I wasn't trying to lie or obfuscate, but we didn't want the world to know just yet as we had to tell family and friends first.

Here's the story if you care to know.

I went over there on night one and it started shitty since we hadn't seen each other in a month or so.. and by the end it was a blubberfest of epic proportions. Crying on shoulders and whatnot.

Next time we hung out, the following Sunday, we went right into the emotional blatherings and what started as 'We will date again' morphed into 'We are dating again.'

We set up a "first date" for Tuesday at this amazing italian joint in Somerville and dressed up for it. Walked arms linked. It was cute and sweet. Dinner became BAGGAGE DROP! where both of us put all of our cards on the table. The faults we find in each other. The stupid crap we've done. All of it. So much of it was communication that at times I'm surprised I wasn't speaking Klingon and she was making clicky noises.

After 3 hours of dinner conversation the topics started to get muy serious so we headed back to the apartment and thats when we agreed that we just weren't looking for anyone else. We didn't want to look for anyone else. Game over.

Oh - and yes - this is really fast. This is rocketspeed fast, and there is the potential for high red danger in there. I know it. We have six months before we can consider living together again and we have no ends of things to talk about, but both of us are happy. I have been fighting for the last week to try and find a word for the happy I got kicking right now - and the only thing that has even scratched the happy surface is 'euphoric'.

As I said last time - I know some people are going to raise an eyebrow and a questionable thought. You have every right to them. This has been a horrible rollercoaster, and I know you guys give a fuck about my well being - to which I am immensely greatful.

Worries, concerns, doubts aside - know that I'm in love and I'm thrilled.
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