Reverend James The Voice (revvoice) wrote,
Reverend James The Voice

On Objective Criticisms...

The train keeps rollin on the tracks..

Toy Story 3 is so far my favorite movie of the year. The cartoon before it might be my favorite cartoon of the decade, and is easily the most inventive use of mixed 2d and 3d animation I have EVER seen.

It has really gotten to the point where I have driven lines in the sane in my brain about things I love. I mean, if I turn on a hippity hop station, just because it is not in the genres that I lean towards - I'm not going to outright hate it like some people. I'll give it a listen, although if the hook is completely based on someone elses sample... ehhh, gonna be harder for me to like it. Doesn't take it completely out of the running though.

I read an article last week that Google is going to be starting their own music company to compete with iTunes. Now, ask anyone around.. I HAAAATE iTunes. I find the software invasive. I dislike the way it organizes music. I dislike how it fights with other media players on my computer. I could go on and on. I just DON'T like the software. I use FOOBAR and retag all my music with TAG & RENAME. Tada.

I don't DESPISE Apple.. but I'm just not a fan of some of their business practices when it comes to the more intelligent end user. I don't need things in big bright shiny buttons all the time. I don't want DRM or the inability to use FLASH. Limiting how I use my machine or product is only going to make me grumpy about having bought it in the first place. It is the complete reason I won't get an iPad, an iPhone, a Kindle, or something else I have to BREAK to use EFFICENTLY.

But now I find myself enjoying everything Google does. Their online apps are EXQUISITE. The embedding systems are POI'FECT. A Droid OS sounds like it is an amazing phone as an alternative to the iPhone. Their new music system.. I'll definitely check it out!

I'm not a hater type. I don't involve myself in garbage arguments about PC OR MAC or XBOX OR PS3.. because they are USELESS and BORING and there is no way a MAC user is going to convince me to ditch my PC.. and I know I'll never convince someone the other, nor do I care to.

But I do find myself personally loving Pixar because they are Pixar. Using anything google because it is google.

So yes - I more or less just wrote a two page post about brand loyalty and that I've only somehow discovered it.. heh.
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