Reverend James The Voice (revvoice) wrote,
Reverend James The Voice

On Responsibility...

This whole last few months have been a treasure trove of growing up on the part of the good Reverend.

Recently I've been putting tons of focus on getting bills right. I'm not great with money... by NO stretch of the imagination. I've done ok for myself in the past, but a bit of it I have to thank the kindness of friends and loved ones, and other parts come down to sheer dumb luck.

I'm crawling towards being able to be utterly self-sufficient in this regard, and let me tell you how long I have been UNABLE to say that.

I figured out a system that after I saw it - I pondered how come the rest of the world doesn't do it... but, there is the possibility that everybody DOES and I'm just a moron, so I figured if I wrote it out, people could tell me why nobody (or everybody) does this.

I'm now paying as many of my bills as possible on the first of the month. So instead of waiting until my car insurance is due on the 25th, I pay it on the 1st.. and its done. Tada. Now if there is some snafu in my finances, I'm not killing myself on the 24th wondering how I'm going to pay it - or hoping that they'll let me lapse til the 27th. It means that if on the 1st I'm a little strapped... I can wait til my next paycheck and just pay it. No stress.

I don't have TONS of bills, honestly. Couple monthlies and a couple debts. If I'm putting all this money towards the bills & debts at the beginning of the month with my first paycheck - then the rest of the month, I'm not chomping at the bit!

Does everyone do this and not talk about it? Is there a drawback that I'm missing?
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