Reverend James The Voice (revvoice) wrote,
Reverend James The Voice

On Things of Things Nature...

Started showin Debbie Babylon 5... Good times indeed, I forgot how great the show gets once they get into the meat of it.

This weekend was spent going places and pricing out/organizing a wedding. I would totally say that I'm exceptionally anxious and freaking out about the costs... but I'm not!? How the fuck is that?!

I haven't talked a lot about the reuniting of Debbie and myself, so maybe I'll address it a little bit here.

Aside from the starry-eyed romanticism that I would like to attribute how happy I've been too - it hasn't been just that. Not at all. In the past, when one of us disagreed, had a problem, etc - the arguments would either never happen, which left us to stew in it - or they would turn into these huge mega blowouts that didn't compare to the issue we were discussing. Most of the reason for that is that we would have SO much anger and annoyance built up from the arguments that we had just left to stew.

Since we've gotten back together, there have been a handful of times where there was some disagreement bubbling up. Normally, we would shut up or get louder - now we (OMG!) talk about it. Yeah, we have totally gotten annoyed with something the other has said, but there has YET to be a time where we don't walk away from the argument feeling that we both got heard and AT LEAST acknowledged.

It isn't so simple as 'it just happened' though. We're talking about the process of how we communicate, and readjusting as we need to. Trying to not use easily barbed trigger words to get the other pissed off on purpose. I would love to say its easy, but it isn't...

The end results though have been fantastic.

Aside from me not freaking out over how much even a teeny tiny wedding costs - all is well. ;)
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