Reverend James The Voice (revvoice) wrote,
Reverend James The Voice

On A Missing Friend Found...

So the search and hunt for Chris is over.

On some sort of routine traffic stop in Idaho, a sheriff checked him out and somehow got word that there was a missing persons list for him. Perhaps his license plate. Perhaps even the news reports that have been on Ron & Fez, ABC-NY, and a dozen websites. Either way, the cop told him that there is a world of people looking for him. He was traveling across the country and wasn't stopping until he hit Seattle.

I can't help be annoyed.

Look, I am thrilled for his mother and sister. I am NOT wishing negative on him at all, nor was I hoping in any way that negative things had happened to him. I just feel that for the last 8 days there has been HUNDREDS of people worried over the guy. I dealt with Debbie being VERY upset over the entire situation. I saw his mother cry on television.

All of it would have been countered with a single text message. A single word to his bosses. Something. A brief mention to his mother before he left last Tuesday.

I hope whatever made him jump up and travel across country is what he needed - and I hope he found or finds whatever it is he is looking for.

It really does bother me though that the time and effort put into finding someone that wasn't lost won't hurt the chances the NEXT time somebody REALLY goes missing. That people won't look back at the FACEBOOK THAT CRIED WOLF and consider that it might be a waste of their time.

Above all things, I'm very happy for his mother and sister for not having lost their family to something horrendous. I kinda feel like a dupe though.
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