Reverend James The Voice (revvoice) wrote,
Reverend James The Voice

On getting married...

The official date is 09/01/10.

I figure now that the official legal deed is done, we should get to talking about it.

Debbie and I are greedy and impatient people. All at the same time! How fucking fantastic is that. Ok, so maybe in the long scheme of things it sounds like a bad thing, and I know there are some friends out there who have some reservations... and as with everything my life has done in the last 6 months, I respect those opinions and I just hope you remain content to be happy with my happiness.

Shortly after Debbie and I got back together, the collective decision was to be engaged. I think both of us were on exceptionally shaky ground. I know I was, and from everything I learned, she was too. There was a very sturdy foundation in the idea of not letting go of each other forever. I'm sure in some psychology textbook it would be referred to as 'overcompensation', but the truth of the matter was I didn't want to be away from her. Still don't, obviously.

As time went on these last couple months, and we were spending the amount of time one would expect together. (Read: Much of it) Things changed from the way they were. Our communication went skyrocketing. My quirks and flaws as well as hers came bubbling to the surface, and where they could be discussed, they were. Where they had to be tolerated, they were. Things that both of us took for granted started becoming clearer and the things that we had barely noticed started to become obvious. I know this sounds like a bunch of poetic malarky, but it was as real as I can possibly give it words. Where I was exceptionally nervous that we were just overcompensating before... it didn't take long to recognize that we both were going to go through hell, and seriously having a great time at it, in fixing our problems to make ourselves (and our relationship) better.

We had wedding plans set for early January. Take no offense that you weren't invited. It was/is small. It's a handful of people to see us put on some rings and a big dinner to bring family together. We just (surprisingly for me) don't want the big pomp. We were both content with the idea of early January. We did a little research about maybe doing the actual legaleze a touch earlier just for tax purposes.. but in the end it didn't matter.

As with everything, eh, there's an angle. There is a certain gameshow that is filming now that we have a really great shot of getting on, that needs us to be married. I'm not saying the name, but it is the one gameshow you need to be married to be on. Soooooo... there you go. It fits with our greed and impatience.

From a person who has a very minimal amount of spirituality, and a high amount of hedonism, the idea of pushing the actual MARRIAGE (legal word) to now was a no brainer. The celebration and pronouncement to each other, and rings, and blase blase, the CEREMONY (fun word) will be when we decide it is.

So there's the story. The marriage is real. The love behind it is real. Everything about this entire f'n story is real. For selfish reasons, we decided that we wanted to get the paperwork out of the way and begin living our next chapter our way.

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